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Revolutionary energy conservation system


SFAIRA has successfully completed the development of its newest product, an energy conservation and management system. Specifically it enables its user not only to reduce significantly his monthly energy bills, but also to remotely use his appliances via built in micro relays. The only requirement is internet connectivity through Wi-Fi.

The system has been developed in the context of the “New Innovative Entrepreneurship” of the Ministry of development. The system is extremely easy to use and its configuration does not require any technical knowledge. It can be installed in all houses and it enables its users to:

  • Receive real time info about the energy consumption of his appliances

  • Remotely control his appliances

  • Apply thresholds that activate or deactivate the connected device. For instance the user can set the total energy consumption to a specific amount of KWh. If the energy consumed is higher than that amount the device automatically turns off

  • Save significant amounts of energy and reduce the value of the monthly energy bill