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Areas of Focus

Projects Electrical / Mechanical and Industrial
Electrical & Mechanical
Substations 24kV
Classical Automations – PLC
Energy & Water Management


Studies Electrical / Mechanical and Industrial
Electrical & Mechanical Studies
Industry – Factories installation Studies
Metal Construction Studies
Energy & Water Management Studies


Construction of Building projects
Completed building projects for sale
Construction of Complex Houses
Renovation – Repairs

Study – Supervision of Buildings
Building Studies & Licences
Renovation – Repairs – Interior Decoration


Energy Services
Photovoltaic systems Studies and Design
PV park Construction and Maintenance
Design & Construction of Building-Mounted photovoltaic power system
(Rooftop PV power station, Net Metering etc. )
Energy Studies of Buildings
Certificate of Energy Perfomance
Bioclimatic – Energy Buildings
“Green” Constructions
Energy Efficiency Solutions