Veranzerou 1 (6th floor) Athens - downtown 10677

+30 2144089305

History – Administration

sfaira is an innovative technical company operating in the center of Athens and its activities include Research, Study and Implementation of Technical Projects. Founded in 2007 by Vasileios Zotakis, Electrical Engineer NTUA (ΜΒΑ), its activities are increased steadily as the company invests in both capital and human resources.

The company was immediately established in the field and its foundation follows a successful path. Its success is due to the continuous efforts towards the implementation of the works and studies it undertakes as well as the excellent know-how, experience and punctuality, full and modern mechanical equipment and its experienced staff. The combination of the above allow for the company’s successful completion of the projects and guarantee for the quality of the implemented tasks always before the deadline as required.

The company has two offices in Attiki that operate under the same information system VLAN ERP Information System. Specifically:

  • The Studies department with modern technological equipment such as computers, server, plotter etc.
  • The Technical Projects department with the best electrical & mechanical equipment. It cooperates with a number of technical agents.
  • The Research & Development (R&D) department