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Indicative electromechanical projects

sfaira implements projects Electrical, Industrial and Energy for multinational companies, smaller private companies and governments both in Greece and abroad.
Indicative projects are:


√ Project to BP HELLAS SA (Petroleum Facilities Drapetsona)
with title: «Replacement of old electrical panels»

  1. Medium Voltage Cell in substation area
  2. General Low Voltage Panel in the substation area
  3. Panels of piers and pumps at the lower shore

oriented to fill any gaps in current legislation Greek ΕΛΟΤ HD384, deviations from the international standard of the European Union EN 60439-1:1999 and be compatible with standards set by the BP GROUP.


√ Project to Wind Hellas SA (Athens Avenue main building)
with title: «continuous service – electrical work live »

and involved the replacement of electromechanical switches with 3200 latches for automatic switching from PPC generator, copper bars work, adding a voltage breakers and automation system regulating energy supply from 4 Medium Voltage Transformers and 3 generators (using conventional automation and PLC).


√ Project to BP HELLAS SA (Petroleum Facilities Drapetsona)
with title: «Electrical installations in areas of fuel storage and shore»

and involved the installation of electrical fuel pumps tables, lab tables, tables feed water pumps, overhead wiring, grounding system in areas of fuel and explosion-proof installations.