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Electrical and Mechanical Projects

sfaira is a leading contracting company of electromechanical works in industry and large buildings. With extensive experience in project implementation, the necessary equipment and trained manpower plan, implements and maintains electromechanical works for large industries, private factories, small industries, multinational companies with specific projects, large buildings and shopping centers. The activities include projects in Greece without geographical restrictions, i.e. in mainland, islands, city centers, industrial areas, etc., as well as abroad.

The main activities of electromechanical works are:

  • routing of power wiring in metal racks industrial type, ground or air, using the appropriate cabling to ensure the required level of insulation and voltage drop.
  • installation of all types electrical boards , ie. type of assembly area, closets, wall, etc. The installation is tested before the operation with instrumentation insulation therefore it is guaranteed the smooth operation
  • production machinery installation, adjustment and testing session to the sound and proper functioning of the plant.
  • Structured cabling, using fiber, wireless links and implementing appropriate topology for voice-data networks in buildings and industrial facilities.
  • transfers DEI-generator sets for automatic continuous operation of critical power stations and sensitive loads in buildings. Installing generators in special cases full uninterrupted service using the appropriate provisions, such as static switch.
  • Installation of pumps, piping and steel structures for various projects in industry. Maintenance of existing projects and repair.

Project Insurance
each project is insured for liability against workers and others (accident, death etc.) as well as material losses in the existing property, equipment etc.