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Industry – Factories

sfaira in cooperation with qualified technical staff has expertise in design and supervision of construction works of various sectors both in Greece and abroad. Specializes in manufacturing plants or electrical engineering products, steel structures and concrete products. We design a plant (building, production machinery), collect bids, select the most appropriate and economic suppliers, supervise the work and control deliverables. sfaira offers completed solutions , always in full collaboration with the management of factories and industries
The main areas of study in Industries – Factories are:

  • Production Design, necessary equipment, type, size, etc.
  • Design and order machinery for the space (layout).
  • Studying and design of buildings and metal structures for the installation of machinery. Management of required facilities and necessary electromechanical infrastructure.
  • Issuing notices for suppliers, negotiations and selection of appropriate equipment.
  • Supervision of installation.
  • Monitoring production until required to produce efficient products